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Back to the basics

New Joomla users are popping up left and right and thats great for the community.

We are seeing a surge of new users to the Joomla community. This is great news and encouraging for Joomla as a whole. We have loved and used Joomla for years, and anytime somebody else discovers the ease of use and flexibility that Joomla offers we get excited.
We have compiled a short list of helpful resources for new Joomla users. Check out some of the things we feel are useful.
Surprisingly not everybody is using the Joomla.org site.  Lot’s of new users are finding Joomla via their website host, so they do not know the origins of Joomla, or where to find info.
The jumping of point of everything Joomla. Joomla main site
Documentation. It’s all here. Joomla Documentation
Joomla forums. Go here when docs don’t help. Joomla forums

Joomla hosting.
Not all hosting is alike. HostGator makes it dead simple. HostGator.com

Wanna send newsletters?
Do it the right way, and do it with style. We love MailChimp and have been suggesting them for years. MailChimp

Joomla security.
Are you a seasoned admin? Comfortable with Linux. Then this is for you. ConfigServer
Need something a bit easier? A component that allows you to sleep easier at night. RSFirewall

Joomla theme editing.
First, get Firefox.
Then get Firebug.
Then go for the DeveloperToolbar.
(there are lot’s more, but these are the ones that are not negotiable and need to be installed.)

These are some of the vital things you need to do for daily maintenance, security, and development of your Joomla site. If you have any “must haves”, let us know about them in the comments.


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